This is the way to reset the mobile of Mi …

If you are user of hytaý company Xiaomi, you will do only very few people how to format your mobile. So let me tell you how to format any of the mi devices today.

The device should take you back up your phone before the format if not in this format you will lose your data forever.

You have to first go to your settings to format it and you will need to find the option named the Advanced Settings. Once the additional settings are found, it needs to be fixed.

As soon as it is open you will have to scroll down to the bottom, so that you will see the backup and reset option. You have to click on that option.

With which many options will open in front of you. Once it opens, you have to select the Factory Data Reset option, which will open a new window, and you will get two options here, formatting the phone and formatting the memory card, you do not click on any of these options. To do.

You will see an option at the bottom of your phone called Phone Reset Option. You have to click on it so that it will ask you for a permit to reset the phone from which you will have to grant it, and your phone will start being formatted.

It can take a time of 15 to 20 minutes to format, so you do not rush at all, and before placing your phone, keep charging at least 50 percent.

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